Tilton Clutch

Tilton Carbon-Carbon Clutch for 6 Bolt 4G63 – Clutch holds 1100 ft-lbs of torque cold and only gets better with heat.  Comes with 2 flywheels and two hubs, one for the 1″ dogbox spline, another for the stock 7/8″ spline.  Clutch is used but in good condition and has a LOT of life left.  No real visible wear to the disks.

Tilton 9 Tilton 5 Tilton 10 Tilton 12 Tilton 13 Tilton 14 Tilton 15 Tilton 16 IMG_7574 Tilton_2 Tilton 3 Tilton 4 Tilton 5 Tilton 7 Tilton_6

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