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New England Dragway Video

Engine View Video!

Click here to watch on YouTube in HD! on YouTube

For those of you who didn’t know, we have a YouTube channel where you can easily view all of our videos. Please subscribe to our channel!’s YouTube Channel



7.14 at 184 – Quickest Pass of 2010

Video of the 7.18 at 185!

Direct Link:

Year End Video!

Here is a video I put together of the dragster showing the progress we’ve made in one short year.


Eclipse YouTube Videos

Here’s a collection of a bunch of videos of my Eclipse over the past three years.  Thanks for watching.

Dragster videos from other people

Here are some videos I’ve found online of the dragster.

Dragster YouTube Videos

Here are links to previous videos of the dragster for archival purposes:

First Startup:

Second Startup:

Dyno Session:

First Trip to the Track:

Second Trip to the Track:

First 7 Second Pass:

Deeper into the 7′s:

Dutch Classic Passes:

2009 Year in Review: